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  1. Finally got some parts in. The shuttle body #20757 would appear to be impossible to source. One I sourced from a local supplier sent #12393. I have since ordered a new Hook # 12444 and a complete Shuttle Race #24415. ( all these fit on a 31k15) When I attempted to remove the original drive hook I noticed two bumps on it as if there was a pin going through the hook and shaft. a picture is attached. the parts manual show holes in the approx. position. Before I start whacking and thought it would be better to ask "Would this be a pin I need to tap out? " Thanx. Matthew
  2. I realised I hadn't wrapped this up with a final post. I had two cutter styles made course for thick leather and soles and fine for sole overlay. Initially the majority of our work was sole overlays so I installed the fine cutter. I haven't needed to try the course cutter yet, as the fine cutter goes so well.
  3. Allan, I used shop Aliexpress in China. M.
  4. This machine just popped up near by. Can anyone help me identify the model?
  5. Well I'm impressed with the machine. After running a bit, oil ozzed out from the head and made a suitable mess. But I found when running at full speed ( yes, I rewired the motor and switch to make somewhat compliant) I found the machine would stall. Initially I thought the needle plate was binding on the feed dogs, but us became clear the bobbin case was not as free as it should be. A good rubbing with scotch bright, removed a reasonable amount of surface rust and grime Now it runs freely again. New replacement bobbin cases #20756 are on order as is new feed dogs and needle plate. When I place some material under the lowered presser foot, the material feeds through nicely. I am still waiting for needle to be delivered. That is when I try it out properly. So far this machine has cost me $AU 90. I am happy the purchase.
  6. A singer 31k20 popped up locally with the advert saying "the needle wouldn't pick up the bobbin thread". Upon inspection, the mechanism was smooth, the bobbin shuttle a little rusty and the needle in the machine was a really fine domestic D shank. I determined it was worth the super low asking price, so it is now in my garage. The machine came with many domestic spares including what looks like a fancy foot to convert a straight stitcher to a ZikZag Most of these will go to a friend that does domestic machines. first task is to source correct needles and replace the dreaded rubber main wire flex. Cheers Matthew
  7. We determined we need a walking foot machine for making and repairing leather bag. I was amazed when the 111W112 popup up just 20km away. But that wasn't to be. A Singer 411U967 is also available, but I am struggling to find information about the machine. It would appear to take the same range of presser feet as the 111W. Can any one help with additional information?
  8. I my search for a wlking foot sewing machine I have noticed the Following terms: Walking foot, Compound feed Compound walking foot For Example Singer operational manual describes the 111W112 as an "compound feed and alternating pressers" My local shop describes the 411U as a medium- heavy duty Compound feed The same shop describes the Singer 132k6 as a heavy duty Walking foot. Are these all the same thing?
  9. Ok the hunt continues. The sewing machine was in too poor condition.
  10. Ok that makes it pre 1940. Tomorrow I have a goo look at it.
  11. I am looking at a Singer 111w112 that has popped up in my local area. I looks Ok with a fair amount of paint worn off the table faded badly. However seller says it works well ( we'll see). I like the decent availability of presser feet! I can't find any details on the serial number and am wondering if there is any other place to search other than IMACS?
  12. This sewing machine has become available at a reasonable price, but I am have difficulty identifying it. Can anyone suggest the singer model?
  13. I Have GB 29x3 needles and they are aligned correctly. The needles are fully seated in the needle bar. How ever I can't tell if the they too long. Nor do I know if the previous owner used the same needles. Ho do I check the length is correct?
  14. I initially thought I hahe a timimg issue. But in researching me issue I cam across this post I can confirm my timing is identical to Constabory's phots there. What else should i look at?
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