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  1. I need to source a thread reel to try the spool post. I don't this is my issue, but will investigate later. While I realise these are old and outdated, is it possible to buy spares? I would like to buy the following parts: 55025, 55027, 55525 & 55527
  2. Yeah, it hwas a display item in the shop I bought. I like a lot and if I can make it reliable will using on hand made leather sandles.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have included a sample I was doing before it quit on me. Constabulary: that is a good explanation. I am stiching 5.5mm bridle leather that is a bit softer that sole leather. I am starting to think i have a tension issue as I fine the tread slides under the trnsion discs and jams. jimi: The bobbin tension hasn't changed, but is pretty tight.
  4. I started to try stiching with the Pedersen Model 308. After repacking and adjusting the tension spring, i got some great stiches. Then is stopped stiching - IE the top tread doesn't look the bobin. I note the shuttle and bobin as very slopy, and wonder if it is the cause of the issue. changing the needle didn't help.
  5. Constabulary - PM sent, those images are so good. RockyAussie - yeah I have that manual. Ok UPDATE. I degreased and oiled the stitcher. I threaded it with 150D waxed thread as that seems to the size that was on the machine. Initial observations: it is super easy to use The waxed thread works well the needles that came with it are #6 and lots of #7. these are big. the stitch length is about 4 to 6 mm the Tension needs attention I like using more than my Landis model 12 due its simplicity. The photos below show the unit on my dining room table
  6. I recently acquired a Pedersen Model 308 Sole Stitcher. I am yet to try stitching as it is cocered in years of dust and grime. I have read most of the threads here. As well as a manual I found. My meachanism looks great and works sell. My reading shows: the bobin thread has to be waxed the top thread is not waxed you stitch Welt up However what is not clear ( lack of detailed picture) is: How to adjust the bobbin tension, How adjust the stitch length Does the thread need to be waxed Do I need to grove the sole Any assistance on these will be much appreciated.
  7. Landis still sell these, but they don't post the cutter details. Landis cutter blades. I wonder if a Landis 5in1 owner could make some measurements and take some photos. My unit screws of using 1/2-20 UNF left hand thread.
  8. Once cleaned and oiled the basic trimmer 6mm hard heal material quite wheel. I don't have any soft rubbery sole material to try out. The cutter should be 1 to 1.5mm bigger. The good news is the shop I acquired has two others that work reasonably well, so if I can't buy repacement blades, I will get 4 made up. All the drive wheels ( lower cogs) are in good condition. I can produce Cad files to send to a CNC lathe
  9. the Basic Trimmer Trimmer and Skiver
  10. I have acquired two differenct model of ESTO leather and plastic trimmers. I haven't found any information on the web on ESTO products. Thje trimmers need new Cutter (top) blades., while the scorer (bottom) is OK. Having cleaned out many years of grime and dirt, one cuts 6mm heal material real well, the other is way to worn. Does anyone know any about ESTO gear and are spare parts available? I will up load some photos shortly.
  11. All the machined needed was new needles and a new leather belt. My wife and I got sewing on it this morning, went through 2 bobbins! It is a nice machine to sew on.
  12. I have posted My first serious sew on YouTube.
  13. Dikman, Spot on. The springs work well to prevent the controller lever being over extended, but are no good to balance the dead weight.
  14. Or Tent tension springs One to the Servo controller lever and two to the underside of the desk.
  15. This morning the mounted & connected the foot lifter, mounted the light & finished fabricating the thread spool holder. Dikman you have forced to rethink my solution. I will look for a spring to hold the pedal up as well as completing the pedal linkage. Bert51 I will shortly as soon as I complete the pedal control.
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