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  1. Oldest are patchers, 29k31 from 1910 and her older sister from 1898 currently in bath
  2. Id like to thank for help that gave me hope and pushed forward. I managed to fix my shuttle carrier by welding up the hole and making new one. I also grinded new chink on top of original pinion screw and both parts are now totally fine. Whole repair may seem silly, but for me the hardest part was measuring place for new hole so I could keep correct timing of the shuttle. Previously it didnt move back far enough to pick the loop and because I never seen patcher in work, it kinda overhelmed me trying to imagine without any references how correct timing of the shuttle should look like. Luckily position of new hole turned out to be made in the right spot and timing of the machine is now perfect! https://youtu.be/WnabZs9Xr9s Complete machine with trip to nearby city and welding service took me about 125€, so sounds like not a bad deal for this beauty. Length of single stitch is 4.1mm, and thats more than my needs so I'm very satisfied with final results. I'm also glad that I found this forum where I read lot of useful informations. Now its time to get deeper into practice Peace
  3. Thanks @shoepatcher, this will save me a lot of time and money. If recent parts not match I will look through local services. There are also some original driving gears that comes with the screw listed locally. My pinion screw missing only a chink for screwdriver, so I can probably make a new chink and still use it anyway. Only doubts I have are about making new hole on shuttle carrier in right position for correct timing, but there is one good welder that fixed lot of parts for old letterpress used in my work, so I gonna try to figure it out. I was able to sew for a while by positioning shuttle manually before each loop and noticed tension issues with big spool, so thats a good tip. I think that I seen photo of thread stand made with two wires somewhere on the forums. Gonna try it out
  4. @Wizcrafts They had needles I needed, however I still had problems with loosy screw and picking up loop by the hook. I dont have any experience with patchers and I just starting my sewing journey after years of watching my mother doing this, but in my opinion shuttle hook does not go back far enough and starts moving forward before needle create loop that is big enough to be taken by the hook. Unfortunately I forgot to record a video, because I focused on that tiny broken screw that took me good amount of time to unscrew it out. But I found from where loose come from... Hole in the base pin is badly worn, so probably even new screw pinion i already ordered will not gonna hold shuttle carrier good enough. While theres whole variety of parts for 29k patchers on web, there is no single shuttle carrier that match my Singer 29k31, with part number #81953. Any luck that shuttle carrier from different patcher may work here? Other idea that comes to my mid is welding up the hole a bit, that pinion screw gonna sits there more tightly. Maybe any of you have some better ideas? Praying for the best
  5. Thanks for quick response @Wizcrafts , that was the case. Shuttle carrier is definitely more stable now. There is still a bit of loose on the gear, but I guess its acceptable? https://youtu.be/Q2XzR5anfTE I will need to replace screw that holds shuttle carier because whole head is missing and I couldnt tight it well enough, so it may come loose again in the future. Needles I got are too short for hook to pick the loop, so on Monday gonna hit local store and look for these you mentioned. Thank you
  6. Hello dear Leather Workers! I recently got Singer 29k31 patcher and while checking if everything is on place I found that shuttle carrier is kinda loose. At my place I only got 130/705 H needles and cant really see if the patcher works correctly at the moment, so I'm about to order right needles and I wonder if its typical for this machines for having that loose, or I gotta order new shuttle carrier either. Heres the video showing my doubts: https://youtu.be/WQPcjIgAn3E
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