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  1. Just got this ferdinand machine. I've been using a Juke for the last 5 years. Got some questions. First, are these things always so loud. Sounds like a jack hammer when out gets going. Second, when I switch tho reverse it just stands still. The needle goes up and down and the foot lifts slightly but it doesn't pull backwards. Where can I get another foot Are there any accessories I should consider getting? How available are parts?
  2. Hi, I've actually tried to use the leather dye on the wool to change it's color, and it doesn't take, at least not the yellow shearing used to back western saddles. I used a red alcohol based dye. The skin dyed beautifully. The shearing was red at first and then i squeezed the excess out and had red with yellow places, decided to wash it in my sink and when I was done I had a red hide with yellow wool. It doesn't take the black very well either. But I asked a hair dresser friend to try some of her dyes and they all worked quite well.
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