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  1. when I sow it together i dont use glue, makes it easier for me to sow. Then i do the edges, however, the last holster i played with got some separation after i slicked it. Is there a way to avoid that.
  2. I didn't make it for a belt, but if I was going to make one for someone I would put a belt loop on it. I just never wear a belt. It turned out fair, for learning. Rides really well for a heavier gun. I wore it while riding a colt the other day and shoulder never got tired.
  3. Started out nice today but had a mix of rain and snow, so I decided to make another holster. It is drying, then I will dye it. I am happy with it.
  4. Thanks all. It’s 9-10 oz would it look weird sown to a 4-5oz for a book cover or something? Thinking dye it medium brown with some antique maybe? Little gun shy on dying though my practice pieces and scraps have not been coming out. But I will bite the bullet.
  5. Started this project. It is just a scrap piece left from cutting out saddle bags. Practicing before I started carving on the bags. I followed Don Gonzales video series. I was just going to make a hot pad out of it but friends said that it was too nice for that. So now not sure what I will do with it, maybe a notebook cover. Pretty happy with it considering I have no idea what I am doing, but figuring it out.
  6. If I know the owner, Skittles. Haha
  7. Here it is. Seems pretty happy with it.
  8. Are there some swivel knifes that are better than others? I have two rather cheap ones (they came with my cheap Chinese stamps) they are sharper than when I got them, but still not getting the desired affect. I can’t cut myself with them like Dwight said. So do I keep sharping? Or buy better quality?
  9. Just starting leather work. First ever project. I have cheap stamps that I am going to upgrade. But this turned out fair all things considered.
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