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    besides leather I like to fish and hike

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    armor and steampunk designs
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    mostly luck, I was looking for patterns and stumbled upon this forum

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  1. DCanfield

    My work

    I would like to show you my work but my picture files are all to big. since I have been away for the last 18 years I am not tech savy enough to change them. They are on my web page danacanfield046.wixsite.com/website/shop If I can figure out how to get them here I will. I put another entry here under fresh out but dont know how to find it to check for replies. please bear with me as I learn.
  2. Hi guys and gals well I am fresh out of prison in fact I am still on house arrest. I tooled leather off and on before I went to prison and used prison like collage to get better at it. The last four years I was the leather tooling instructor and tooled leather almost every day. I sent a lot of the stuff I made to my sister and just set up a free web site yesterday. I am not sure if I can keep it free and sell things on it but if you want to look the address is danacanfield046.wixsite.com/website/shop. Her is an example of a boot purse I made while in prison. I t would be nice if I could make a living doing leather work and I have a shop set up and the leather to get started I just don't know how to go about it yet. Any tips from you that do make a living at it would be nice.
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