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  1. I have done this also. I have tried coming straight out and at an angle. Maybe I need to try again at a sharper angle.
  2. While I am stitching I am getting slanted stitches on the back and straight stitches on the front. I am using 4mm diamond chisels from weaver with .6mm thread. I am stitching with the holes slanted up and away from me. The side that I punched holes from is on the right and that is also what I am calling the front. I start in the first hole, even up my thread and start stitching towards me. I place the first needled through the back or left side and catch it on the right side, make a cross, pull it through, slight pull back on the threads so I can go back in the hole from the left over the other thread. I then cast the thread over the needle as it comes through and then pull tight. The stitches on the back look good but the front are straight as can be. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I am cutting 5-6 oz leather. I will definitely try out all of your suggestions and hopefully see some improvements with practice. So will these techniques help to the point where my curves wont be choppy? Or is some sanding to round things out to be expected?
  4. Im having problems with the simplest of things. I am trying to get smooth cut lines. Are my cut lines ever going to be perfect and right on my template lines? I seem to drift off a little. Also when I am making curved cuts they tend to look choppy instead of smooth. I try to sand it down to where it looks like a smooth profile but when I bevel my edge it is very obvious that there is still same jaggedness to my cut. Any pointers on what I could do to improve? I am using a #2 Xacto knife if that matters.
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