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  1. Thanks Wally, I'm looling to do canvas projects on my boat, and a wide throat is what I'd like.
  2. Hello Wyowally, You mention having a Necchi BV. What is the throat width on the BV? Thanks
  3. It turns out the guy with the Adler 67-22L advertising business closure; the business was supposed to close April 6, 2019! He just keeps reposting. I saw an ad for a Pfaff 545 with a servo motor for $100, someone had already responded. Then someone gave me a heads-up for a Singer 111w155 with table etc., also for $100. but also it went immediately. I googled Necchi industrial machines, and saw ones like my little BU Mira being sold as industrial, some even mounted in industrial tables with undermount motors, but I see they have true industrial models that look like they have the 11+" work table. They seem rare in the US. Are they as sweet as the BU Mira? I have a tool fetish. I would imagine parts would be hard to come by.
  4. Thanks for the info Constabulary. The only machine in my limited knowledge copied singer is consoe. Watching craigslist I've seen a couple machines come up free, get them out of the basement. One was a singer 188k-1, the other a Singer 251. I would've needed to change the motors to low speed I expect, but both were gone before I got there. I don't have high hopes for the economy so I bide my time and keep watching CraigsList. Walking foot would of course be good when dealing with large fabric like sails etc so the machine can drag it across the table while you pay attention to guiding. (I don't even hope for walking foot zig-zag) And for the same reason reverse would be good because of the fabric hanging across table I expect would make it a problem to push the fabric by hand and then stitch over. But I think I could make do with a drop feed machine if I had to and it had the 11" table width (I know a long arm machine would be too expensive). I'm very impressed with this Neechi BU Mira. What beautiful piece of design and workmanship. Too bad there isn't a larger version.
  5. I haven't heard back with a photo. Are Singers a better option for affordable parts than Adlers or Pfaffs, particularly for someone that doesn't have the experience to judge wear ?
  6. The fellow is going to email me a picture of it. When it comes I'll try and post it here. Maybe someone will be able to tell its age. I've noticed some have a knob vs lever for controls. Thanks
  7. The guy isn't too responsive. I ask specific questions and it's like texting a teenager; his replies don't directly answer my questions. I was hoping one of you guys might know what a 22L is and perhaps be ready when he has to vacate the premises. I once worked in a sail loft in Key West and took the machine heads to Miami for tune-ups before Race Week, there was a long arm Adler that I remember as being a Clydsdale amoung the herd.
  8. It's a four hour round trip to the machine. I wouldn't be willing to pay that price, but I'm doubting anyone else would either. If "everything has to go" I'm thinking when the time comes it might be cheap. If he offered a good price I'll go check it for lash etc. I just figured I would try and find out about the model and parts availability/prices first. I could swallow some lost time changing the belt if it's a $40 belt. If other parts are extortionately priced or unavailable... Thanks for any advise.
  9. Hello, Whenever I check a machine on google the info is always this site. I'm not specifically looking to do leatherwork, although it might be pressed into that. I would be doing canvas projects for my antique wood sailboat. I have done a stint in a sail loft and can work with a clutch machine. Locally there is an Adler 67-22L listed on CL. The ad says needs a rebuild and $300 for the hard only, but it also says the shop is closing and all inventory must go. I can't find any info on the 22L subgroup. The ad says walking foot but doesn't say compound feed. Does anyone know anything about the Adler 67-22L? I've got a little Neechi that will do my current projects, but am on the lookout for something with a bigger throat distance. Thanks, Chris
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