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  1. Hello, I have in my possession two belts of the same brand, but they are really different. (see pics below) The one on the right: It has irregularities, and is rather rigid. It has fairly large pores. The one on the left : It is more uniform, and has a slightly lighter shade. It is also more flexible and softer. The pores are less visible and narrower. My question is: from these characteristics, is it possible to know if one of the two belts is more qualitative than the other ? I have to keep only one of them, and i don't want to do the wrong choice. Thanks by advance for help
  2. Hello guys, I'm a newcomer in the leather universe. My first acquisition is a natural veg tan belt. My concern is to start well with it, so I had few questions to target a nice patina over time. In the first place, do I need to use any kind of treatment before/during use ? Is it possible to accelerate aging process without reducing patina potential ? Have you any general warnings or advices ? Thanks by advance
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