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  1. Thank you Uwe for the great resources and your right, I'll end the thread here. Hey Steve, I see that you are in Roseville -I'm in Orangevale, just off Hazel and Oak Ave. Would definitely be up for grabbing a beer sometime and talk about leather. I currently engineer and build industrial machinery but am very serious about getting into furniture and it would be great to meet someone who knows more about leather than I do. Had a mini-factory in Honolulu a decade ago and did private label apparel manufacturing but never sewed leather, so I have quite a bit to learn. Dave
  2. My computer's IO board went bad and I had to wait for a replacement and just got my computer up and running and was able to log in. I guess I just wanted to know where I could find similar leather that companies like Restoration Hardware would use. Sacramento is a small town and there isn't much fabric here and I though that maybe buying online may be the best option.
  3. Thanks everyone for the input. I've decided to go with quality. Just ordered a servo with needle positioner for my LU-1508 and will work up to a LU-1510. Time to start looking for leather fabric for sofas. I will definitely look through the forums but since we're here, any leads? Dave
  4. Thank you Uwe and Kgg for the in-depth responses! Definitely clears things up! So here's what I'm thinking, since the LU-1510 requires an air compressor and is very pricey, I may just go with an electric version, in particular, the 2206RB-14-7-DD from Consew. Anyone know if this would be a suitable all-electric alternative or is there something else out there that's better? Thanks, Dave
  5. I appreciate you starting the path!
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Dave and this is my first post on the forum. I am from Sacramento, CA and work as a new product developer and fabricator but have been sewing all my life and have wanted to get into leather work for many years now . I finally took the leap and just purchased a walking foot sewing machine and it sews great. I just wish I could upgrade it to do an automatic tac and possibly thread cutting. Would anyone out there on this great forum know if I could pair a CP-18 control panel with my Juku LU-1508? And if so, what servo motor control box would work with the CP-18? My machine came with a clutch motor so I would need to buy a new servo and control box anyhow. Also, is the thread cutter upgrade doable or is it too complex for this machine? Any advice would be appreciated and I would certainly owe you one. Cheers, Dave
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