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  1. hi everyone. I posted a question about rebinding bibles. I think for. What I've seen on the YouTube that for sizes of bibles the #4 pricking irons should work best? But I'm still confused about thread between 0.6mm or 0.8mm for that iron. As you can tell I'm a beginner sorry for all the questions. Also here in nc where I live there's no outlets that sell this stuff so I have to go to the web for seems like everything. Any help on the best web sites for all my needs with decent shipping? Thank yall for everything. David
  2. Hi all. I am doing a bible rebind and total leather recover. Should have made that more planer sorry. Unfortunately where I live I do not have any stores that sell pricking irons and the web site I've order from only has 3mm, and 4m. Just looking for something that looks nice. Looking to start doing rebinds as a hobby a new the leathercraft very interested in this hobby. Can I get the needles and theard at like hobby lobby or do I have to order as well? Thank yall for everything. David
  3. Hi all. I new here and trying to learn hand stiching. Im try to stich bible covers around 2oz goatskin outer cover and 2 or 3 oz liner. I've watched a lot of YouTube videos about saddle stitching. I bought 5mm pricking irons I need help with needle size and brand and tread size and type. I'm kinda lost here trying to learn can someone help me? Thank yall for any help I really appreciate it. David
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