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  1. Need help! I'm making a lounge chair with upholstered seat with chrome tanned leather I bought from Tandy as "deertan." It was soft and supple and dry, but the color was too light, so I applied neatsfoot oil to darken it, and I'm afraid I've ruined it. The darker, deeper color is perfect, but the leather became very tacky - dust and fibers would cling to it, and it wasn't pleasant to sit on. I tried applying a product called "Leather Top Coat." This made it only slightly less tacky, but unattractively cloudy, so I then put furniture wax on top. In for a penny, in for a pound. Now it doesn't look or feel good. I may ultimately have to throw it out and start over, but obviously hoping not to. I'm thinking I may hand wash with dish soap to remove as much of the oil and wax as possible. But I still ultimately need it a darker color, and to have a smooth finish. Suggestions?
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