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  1. Impressive! One day, I hope to be as confident as you and be able to make my own DIY arm cover plates. Thanks, I will check this out!
  2. Hi Constabulary! I appreciate your advice, I have read your replies in other threads here too. You are a legend! It's great to know that I can change the 8B-2 model into the 8BV-2 with the suggested parts. In regards to the swing away binder for the 8B-2, I'm hoping it has two screw holes on the arm cover plate to attach the swing away binder to. Btw I found a Japanese website (I had to google translate the website to navigate because a brother was lost!) that offers a flatbed attachment for 8B-2, but I'm not sure if they ship to Australia. I sent them an email to confirm this or not. And it's not $1300 AUD, they are selling it at $170 AUD!!! I really hope they can ship here or worldwide for any other 8B-2 owner. I do feel like I'm hunting for these complementary attachments haha... any help is appreciated! All good, I figured! Thanks again
  3. Hi All, I am ordering my first industrial compound feed cylinder arm machine, the SEIKO LSC-8B-2! While I have done my fair share of research of this machine, It would be great to hear of ANY advice dedicated to this model to assist me or anyone else interested in this machine in the future. Now, I was in a dilemma on which model to get; the 8B-2 (standard sewing) or 8BV-2 (sychronised binder). I asked SEIKO Japan via email if 8BV-2 can do standard sewing and sync binding, and the response I got was: "In LSC-8BV-2 case, sewing may be difficult by material" ...I suppose LSC 8BV-2 is intended for sync binding only/primarily. However, my local sales advisor said LSC 8BV-2 can do standard sewing and sync binding (I was wary of this answer, perhaps the advisor just wanted me to buy the higher priced model...). I wanted a machine that can do both 'modes' professionally. I want to get the most from a single machine and buying two machines is not viable at the moment; money and space does not allow! ...So I did my own youtube research of both models... There are a few youtube sewing demos of SEIKO LSC 8B-2. As well as LSC 8BV-2, that demonstrates standard sewing (no sync binding operation in sight) and it looks perfect; stitch quality and material feeding are agreeable! At this point, I was conflicted with what I have been told and what I have seen. However, I made my final decision based on SEIKO Japan agent's advice and got the LSC 8B-2. I also read another thread from this website in regards to the difference between sync binding and standard models which also informed my decision. Has anyone else been in this position? Or can a specialist provide any advice? Machine aside, can anyone provide advice for: Swing away binder Where can I buy it online? Any advice with installing? Flatbed attachment Where can I buy it online? I asked my local sales advisor about this attachment and was quoted $1,300 AUD for it... Ridiculous! Suspending edge guide Where can I buy it online? I asked my local sales advisor about this attachment and was quoted $430 AUD for it. There must be a less expensive option... I have searched ebay already for these items with mixed results. Hence my reaching out to any LSC 8B-2 specialists here to provide a direct lead to compatible and fair-priced pieces. Hopefully this thread can demystify this machine. I look forward to any responses. Kind regards Rod
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