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    I like trying out new artistic and creative mediums, combining them, experimenting with different techniques, and talking with other creatives. I like being outdoors, watching sports, and staying busy with projects.

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    Carving and tooling, working on sewing machines, and everything else
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    Google search - found lots of great info here

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  1. riy

    Hello from CO

    @RockyAussie Thank you so much for the reply. Some great inspiration about the possibilities of 3D printing and laser cutting. That acrylic stamp came out great! The maker space has a Juki DNU-1541S and a Kingmax GC1541S. I can't recall what Class those are considered, but I read up on some of the advice here and am going to start experimenting with some #69 thread and a size 18 leather needle.
  2. riy

    Hello from CO

    Hello everyone, Very grateful to be a part of this excellent community. I've been learning a lot here already. I really enjoy this "old" message board format over reddit, facebook, etc. Looking forward to learning more and getting honest feedback as I move forward with this great craft. I have been practicing hand stitching and learning the basics, but I am about to start learning how to use an industrial sewing machine at a makerspace I work at. The makerspace also has 3D printers and lasers, so I hope to experiment with incorporating some of these newer technologies into this ancient craft. So far I have made a handful of these Field Notes covers, minimalist wallets, and a few no-stitch pouches. I'm sure I can find some if I search around, but if anyone has any favorite resources for free patterns, I'd welcome them. Hoping to branch out more now that I will be machine sewing. Cheers! -R
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