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  1. Project complete! Thank you guys for the guidance. I stuck with the same leathers as the sample - 2oz grey chrome tan liner and 3oz veg tan. The custom stamp I tried to make did not work well, so I burned the names onto the leather with a laser engraver. The cover page is the bride's own handmade paper, made with the bouquet of roses from their first date (glad I didn't get edge paint on it).
  2. Decided to make a test booklet before I use the handmade paper. Pictured are the liner (1-2oz grey budget bin chrome tan) with printer paper stitched in and the outer cover (2-3oz veg tan) that I decided to practice basket weave on. Hoping it won't all bunch up too much when I glue it together. I left some extra room to trim the edges after gluing in case that's necessary.
  3. riy

    Small Ladies Bag

    Yes, I have yet to break into the world of machine stitching. @YinTx haven't tested the bag for tall ladies yet! May need a longer strap lol
  4. riy

    Small Ladies Bag

    Finished my first bag today. 4oz veg tan and 2-3oz chrome tan "motorcycle leather", Dieselpunk.ro pattern.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm gonna need to play around with this a little bit. I like the idea of the liner, adds a little extra class to the design. Chuck - that book you made sounds like quite the undertaking. Like something out of a rare book store! Updates to follow...
  6. Hey all, I'm making some wedding vow books for a friend. The bride wants about 5 sheets of handmade paper in each book. I will make the cover out of some 2-3oz veg tan with the wedding logo stamped on the cover and then either painted in or antiqued. I have no experience with book binding or sewing through paper. Any resources or insight? I want to make the books as sturdy as possible - and especially avoid pages falling out during the ceremony (yikes).
  7. That's the perfect idea haha thank you
  8. Fun one from dieselpunk.ro's free pattern: https://www.leather-patterns.com/freestuff Going to give it to my brother as his first father's day present. Not sure what it will be super practical for, maybe put it on a hunting belt or something. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hey all, I'm going to try my hand at one of these soon, except for a 112. They came out great @Rossr! Wanted to ask if you all have some tips for burnishing a nice edge together inside those belt slots. I haven't had to burnish a space that tight yet. Thanks in advance.
  10. riy

    Hello from CO

    @RockyAussie Thank you so much for the reply. Some great inspiration about the possibilities of 3D printing and laser cutting. That acrylic stamp came out great! The maker space has a Juki DNU-1541S and a Kingmax GC1541S. I can't recall what Class those are considered, but I read up on some of the advice here and am going to start experimenting with some #69 thread and a size 18 leather needle.
  11. riy

    Hello from CO

    Hello everyone, Very grateful to be a part of this excellent community. I've been learning a lot here already. I really enjoy this "old" message board format over reddit, facebook, etc. Looking forward to learning more and getting honest feedback as I move forward with this great craft. I have been practicing hand stitching and learning the basics, but I am about to start learning how to use an industrial sewing machine at a makerspace I work at. The makerspace also has 3D printers and lasers, so I hope to experiment with incorporating some of these newer technologies into this ancient craft. So far I have made a handful of these Field Notes covers, minimalist wallets, and a few no-stitch pouches. I'm sure I can find some if I search around, but if anyone has any favorite resources for free patterns, I'd welcome them. Hoping to branch out more now that I will be machine sewing. Cheers! -R
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