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  1. Ok so bit of an update, I am very happy with the racks supplied from Italy, part 8600 this can be easily modified to fit the 29k15 and like machines as described below. Part 8599 also stocked in italy can also be adapted to make a 29k15 rack. I am also proceeding with the development of an adjustable rack to reset the shuttle timing to stop drop stitches and timing issues. I have also recieved supply from italy of 8608 following gears for the 29k1, unfortunately the gear does not fit easily in the 29k15, the dimensions of the gear teeth are too fat to mesh properly without alot of teeth root filing and thickness, for me that is a no no, with the rack mods below all the filing is on the backs and not on the teeth. I believe these 8608 gears will fit the 29k1 as the tollerances needed in combination with the long and short rack are not as critical as the 29k15 3 gear 1 rack system. In fact I am starting to believe that the only way singer got the 3 gears to perform to the tollerances needed was to "finish the 3 gears (2 followers and 1 driving gear)" by finish I mean run them together on a jig until they cleanly meshed and ran smoothly, this may be collaborated by the fact that 29k15 gears have punch marks on the sides of the gears where they were originally meshed, rear follower one puch middle follower 2 punches and the driving shuttle gear 1 punch. I am still therefore pressing onward to get these EDM cut gears, this will mean I can get gears cut accurately that will be a guaranteed fit without any rework after and therefore be the only new rack and gear designs and sets that fit to the 29k15s out of the box in the world. any thoughts on these finding would be appreciated. Any thoughts on my findings
  2. You got me interested Chris, are we talking sintering? Do you have a web link of an example company in the US that would do this?
  3. Just waiting now for the EDM pieces to be cut, hopefully in the next few days.
  4. I have bought some 6mm id 10mm od steel tube, so I'll try get the other part laser cut then hone the pivot hole to the correct diameter, then mig the tubes to the pivot part. See where that gets me. I have dropped the threaded rod by 2mm and adjusted the pivot section so the parts do not take up any more vertical height under the arm. Thing is I could make this one solid section but I don't have access to a lathe, this way if people want to make this all they need is the tube, get the other piece laser cut or hand cut to dimensions and weld together.
  5. Thanks Chris for the suggestion I think the price would be too much. This would be quite simple to Mig or Tig together and the strength of metal could be chosed off the shelf to an appropriate spec (not sure what that should be yet, any suggestions for parts that would be metal on metal moving)
  6. looking at simplifying the pivot end so here the part could be laser cut from 1 thickness, then 2 short tubes of id 6mm od 10mm welded to the laser cut part. Then two opposing m6 nuts clamp the rack, keeping parts simple, available and easy to make.
  7. so bit of an update, this is what I am thinking of for an adjustable rack. Rod either threaded M6 metric fine or smooth tube and rod with clamping bolts drilled through tube. Will need to hole up to reciprocating forces so undecided. All in steel, just transparent for drawing:)
  8. Some more footage of the new rack showing correct timing https://1drv.ms/v/s!AoQ4CZYzE-ZEjijYYPdbCPapexKS https://1drv.ms/v/s!AoQ4CZYzE-ZEjinebhd-7y_c5KCi https://1drv.ms/v/s!AoQ4CZYzE-ZEjipwRRCQJiU9uWyd And resulting stitches top and bottom, has not dropped a stitch at all even through 5 pieces of leather.
  9. Yes jimi as soon as I can find some leather that is not too thick but also not too thin! Seems to be harder than finding these singer parts lol
  10. Here is my shuttle positioning with the new rack adjusted by 1.6mm "lengthened" https://1drv.ms/v/s!AoQ4CZYzE-ZEjiZdA7ILSnPrUpr-
  11. Ok some progress Hi jimi, Bit of an update. My new rack, parts number 8600 arrived today from italy, good news it is exactly the same as the 81899 rack used on the 29k12 29k15 etc , the only operating difference is it has one more tooth than the 81899. I cut this off and shaped the end, i also filed very slightly the back of the rack not very much at all, the hole needed 5mins of emery paper but after that the fit and quality is excellent. One of the things i wanted to do was get the shuttle timing perfect, i wanted to add an adjuster but as i bought 2 i cut one in half and added 1.6mm to the length, this meant that the shuttle pickup is exectle where it should be, it now stitched reliable and very very .
  12. Thanks for your words. Nope no previous experience, just lots of time, as i used a speedy stitcher there was plenty of time to get the stitches where i wanted them. Ive learned alot doing it and so am well prepared for where i would do things the same, as well as different on my next one.
  13. I am now working with the theory that the 29k1 machines did use follower gear 8608 then when the 29k12 came along they used 8608 but with tighter dimensions, looking at lots of gears now even unused ones the K1 gears look thicker in the teeth, I do not put this down to wear as my gears are very very good but there is no way a fatter toothed gear would fit when meshed with the adjoining fatter gear. Therefore Im going to press on with my 29k15 (im encompassing all the revisions from k12 to k15 and k20) gear modelling and cutting research.
  14. Im happy with how it all went, the jacket is too heavy for daily use. I think though if I can make a thick one then a thinner will be easier. Just on the lookout for come nice leather or nappa around 0.8mm. Hope you like it
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