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  1. So far I have only bought 2 sides of Veg tan from Tandy, and for what I wanted them for they were perfect. I am looking to expand my in house leather inventory but not sure Tandy will be he best place to get ALL my leather from. I've checked Tandy (of course) Weaver, the leather guy and a couple other random places I can't remember but was hoping to get a collective on what people thought are the best places with the best quality (in my mind consistent) leather available? I don't have a specific project in mind and looking for unfinished veg tan, chrome tan, exotic and liners. I know this is a very broad question just hoping to get some insight.
  2. So I thought I posted this question the other night but I guess it never went through, or least I cant find it. I have some basic tools and currently use Tandy 3mm diamond chisels. I would like to start on wallets and smaller stuff but feel these will be to large of holes. Any recommendations on what I should be looking into? Also my tool use experience is limited (I've only done 3 projects and one was a kit), are the expensive tools worth the investment?
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