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  1. how does it get ruined ? like it just stretches to much after that or what ?
  2. i was trying to get the insane squeak out of some leather suspenders and a belt i made a few years ago that i wanna actually wear now.. i basically rubbed neat oil into them with my bare hands until they were fully covered.. i even liberally poured some out of the bottle at certain joints and crevices that squeaked more. it darkened it a whole lot. now im worried i used way too much oil. because i read thats a thing.... i have baking soda and charcoal should i use those to get excess oil out? someone also recommended putting it in a bucket with speedy dry or some other oil absorber. or should i just wash in cold water with maybe some castile soap? or maybe just wash it with saddle soap? that should pull off some of the excess oil right ? or put it in the sun and let it sweat out ? like the suspenders smell like cow hooves or dog treats now they are pretty damp. oily to the touch. kinda gross this is my one and only leather working project that i ever made successfully.. or maybe im just over reacting ? how long should it take for the leather to stop being greasy ?
  3. so i rubbed alot of neat oil into some leather suspenders i made.. well i basically drowned it because i wanted it to stop squeaking. what should i do are my suspenders ruined now? they smell now because of so much oil. I have activated charcoal and baking soda.. should i use those to get the excess oil out ? or should i soak it in cold water and wash the oil off ? maybe use some castile soap ?
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