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  1. Hello fellow sewers esp. Claes patcher owners. I recently purchased a Claes 8346-30 machine. The machine is very nice and responsive. A pack of Organ needles 88 DUX1, 150/6 came with the machine. Can someone please tell me where I can buy needle size #22 (140/22) and #24 (180/24) as I would like to sew with thread size up to 134. Can someone tell me if ONLY ORGAN NEEDLES are compatible with the Claes machine or are there other Brand names out there? I was told that only Organ needles are compatible. The machine came with only 1 needle, size 170/7 for demo. purposes. Does anyone know where I can buy this size. I would very much appreciate any feed back re, the Claes machine Manyon (Canada)
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