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  1. LJGE

    bull ropes

    Good day! I'm not sure if anyone is still in this post, but I’m wanting to make bull ropes. I rode bulls starting at age 15 until I was 33, managed to ride pro. Always bought ropes from the western store and never thought of making my own. Now I’m wanting to make ropes, and starting from scratch. A way of giving back to help those wanting to ride. Only seen couple guys on YouTube make tutorials on how they make their own. My question: what is the right type of leather to use? Heard 7/8 oz veg-tab for the block and handhold. Also, how long for wide for each would one use (hand hold, inner block, outer block)? I bought a roll of polypropylene Promanila 5/8”, and not sure if this is the proper type. Advice would be greatly appreciated.
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