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  1. Hello, Does anyone have any suggestions of where to purchase crocodile leathers in Australia, or a supplier who ships to Australia? Preferably leathers in bright colours. I've never worked with croc before and would love it give it a shot! I'm also a bit unsure of how CITES works, trying to wrap my head around it - any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
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    Colour Splash

    Thank you, I've been working with leather for a few years and I'm not particularly talented, so just keep at it and you'll get there. All the things in those photos can be achieved with the right tools and a bit of practice. Best wishes for you too!
  3. LH19

    Colour Splash

    Thank you - It's actually just applying glue, but using a paint spatula.
  4. Hello, I'm an aspiring leather goods designer from Melbourne, Australia, currently prototyping products, hand crafting everything myself. I thoroughly enjoy working with leathers of vibrant colours, and I thought I'd share some pictures of the process. It's really great to be here and admire all your work. The talent and skill on this forum is far beyond my imagination. Cheers
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