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  1. Oh wonderful. Once i get the machine apart i will be in touch. I have a few other things next in line but i am very happy to hear there are parts out there for this machine. Thank you!
  2. Thanks bob. It’s good to know for the future and if anyone has ideas of where to find handwheel or shaft for this particular machine id love to know!
  3. I have access to a pretty outfitted metal shop, i will try to see if there is a press i can use there to try and get things straightened out once i get it all detached. Have you worked with this particular machine ever? I would love to talk more to anyone who has experience with the singer 136w110 as after this part is straightened out i feel there will most likely be more timing and adjustment issues to work out since it seems like things probably are a bit jammed from whatever happened in the shipping.
  4. To be honest I can’t be sure about who did the packaging, i was told it was the carrier but I wasn’t there so its hard to say. In the end it doesn’t matter, what does is that there is a problem and i need to figure out how to fix it! I will try those things you mentioned, yesterday when i tried to remove the large screw on the end of the shaft i couldn’t really get it to work but i will keep trying. Any suggestion on the best way to get it undone. It is basically a very large flat head and nothing i have really fits well in the slot. Is there a special tool for such a large flat head screw. I recall a small coin like thing i used to have for removing certain screws on an old baby lock i had.
  5. Hello there I am new to the forums but have been sewing in fabrics and leather for a long time. I recently was given a singer 136w110 as a gift for my birthday. It was shipped and the carrier, fedex, did not do a good job packing it or being careful with it. I am unsure if the issue i am currently concerned with was there before shipping or after but the box it came in was very beat up. The needle broke in shipping and today as i was inspecting some things as i work to figure out a table and motor for it i noticed that when i turn the balance wheel it has a wobble to it. It’s pretty distinct and there is more resistance in the turn at part of the wobble. I can’t tell if the wheel itself is bent or if the shaft it is spinning is what is bent. I wanted to start by removing the wheel but i can’t figure out how to do that. There are two set screws that i removed but then there is what looks like a very big flat head screw on the end. I can’t get that to turn or loosen. I think i might need parts once i am able to get the handwheel off so any help with information or tips on how to work on this machine as well as where to find parts for it would be amazing! Thanks so much
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