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  1. Thanks a lot, will have a look. Solid copper rivet is an option however I like to use same colour rivets with the buckles. I have solid brass buckles and nickel plated solid brass buckles. Didn’t find solid rivet that would go with the nickel buckles…
  2. Hello everyone, I’m in need of good quality tubular rivets. We make heavy duty belts and use Chicago screws as the main joint to attach the buckle. I was thinking to simplify the process. Now I have to screw the screws and also glue them to be sure they don’t come off. Now I’m testing tubular rivets, Buckleguy has them, I like them quality wise. But the head of the rivet (5/16) is too small and looks somewhat too small compare to the feel and appearance of the belts. Do you have any tips for bigger rivets? Couldn’t find on Weaver. Only on Tandy - 11 mm, but I’m looking for solid brass and nickel plate finishes. Thank you for reading
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