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    Madison, Wisconsin
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    Tanning leather and fur; leatherwork; foraging edible plants and mushrooms; environmental and climate science, reading, guerilla engineering, wildlife, ancestral technologies, canoeing

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    Tool covers / holsters / tool-bags
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    Everything leather-work
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    While searching for shoe leather

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I belong to the woods and the marsh. I live with two cats, a cornsnake, a bunch of little fish dudes, and several pet leeches. I collect and prep animal skulls, harvest wild plants, and make stuff. All kinds of stuff; I won't buy it if I can make it.

I tan my own furs and leather, tweaking my chemistry to learn how to achieve different results. Most of my leather projects have been related to my tools; this week I made a blade-guard for my axe, and I'm working on a molded case for my sharpening stone when I'm out using my scythe (which also has a leather blade-guard I made last month).


old leather buffalo pic.jpg

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