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  1. Okay, my researches continue. The reference 1245 refers to two machines ; the current one, with a very blocky aspect (this one : https://www.universalsewing.com/images2/parts_lists/all/d6aei79f.pdf ) and a slightly older version, the coffee yellow body color with the dark brown belt covers that kgg talked about (https://www.universalsewing.com/images2/parts_lists/all/6mdl64b0.pdf ) From what I see they seems to be very similar inside the frame. what are the differences between these two ?
  2. that's interesting ! thank you !
  3. The pfaff seems to be gray from the pictures, but their quality is bad and the machine probably dirty so not totally sure. I saw some beige models, but why does it matters ? does it corresponds to different series/generations ?
  4. Hello everyone, I've been lurking this forum for a while now, as it is an amazing source of knowledge. I currently have an old Adler 067, which I use for sewing heavy fabrics (waxed cotton, cordura, stuff like that). It is a version without up/down movement of the feed dog, only front/back (can't remember which subclass it is). I found someone selling a Pfaff 1245-706/05 for 850€, and I'm wondering if the difference between the two machines would justify the expense. Despite my efforts, I could not find informations about this subclass, so if anyone knows a thing or two about it, I'd be really interested ! My current adler is old but equipped with a nice servomotor (Ho Hsing G60, runs really great). The Pfaff has a clutch motor, but I could swap the two and try to sell the adler. Or I could buy a new servo for the pfaff, why not. Anyway, any comparison point you could provide me on these machine would be much appreciated !
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