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  1. I've definitely felt the tandy rivets set. But they still pull out fairly quickly with normal use of the finished piece. Thank you so much for your reply!
  2. Does anyone have any other thoughts for me?
  3. Can I buy things from them without a wholesale tax i.d. code? To answer Dusty Leather, Chicago Screws are not flat enough on both sides and an cause points of pressure or abrasion when against skin. In my experience anyway. To answer Tina: I'm pretty sure I'm attaching them right. I've done it according to all instructions and just to make sure I've experimented with sizes in the hole, post and anything else I could think of. I even tried reinforcing them with metal glues. Luke Hatley, I keep thinking that tubular rivets with caps instead of washers and set with a press are the way to go. But I'm not sure where I can get the proper dies for the press to set them with without a tax code. Thank you everyone for your help and thoughts!
  4. I've been searching all over to find exactly what I need. If it's already posted somewhere and I missed it, my apologies. I make things like dog collars and chokers and have found that jiffy and rapid rivets are just not strong enough. So I need to know what what kind and where I can get rivets that: - are silver colored to match the rest of the hardware - are capped on both sides because sometimes they are right against people's skin - are pretty strong And I really would like to be able to get them without a wholesale tax code. I really don't produce enough to justify getting one. I really appreciate any advice, information or help any one can provide. Thank you so much!
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