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  1. Hi Terry,
    I know it’s too much to hope for, but do you still have the two Dixon irons?  I think they were a size 7??      Skye



    1. terrymac


      Yes,I still have them. Sorry about taking so long to respond, I’m the worlds worse about checking notifications

  2. Hi JH, The machine is with me in West Des Moines, Iowa. Is that anywhere close to you? Skye
  3. Thank you Ben! I hope it finds a home where it will provide lots of use! Skye
  4. NEW Techsew SK-4 Leather Skiving Machine with Built in Enclosed Vacuum System $1390.00 I purchased this skiver from TechSew USA for $2695.00. The technician gave me some pointers on how to use an adjust the bell, sharpen and general use of the machine. I have tried to use the machine twice, finding it way too big for me, with the technician on the phone and have given up. It’s a gorgeous machine, brand new, except for the five minutes that I used it in with the built-in, vacuum system and table, it really is a complete unit and would be a great machine in any leather workshop. Skives light and medium leather up to 8oz Up to 2" skiving width per pass Adjustable skiving width Integrated blade sharpener Space saving table - only 33.5" wide Includes assembled table and adjustable speed servo motor
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