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  1. Chaumer

    Adler 30-15 For Sale

    Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would want small resolution photos. Here are some resized photos of all the other sides and a close up of the head area.
  2. We have an Adler 30-15 treadle sewing machine for sale. Asking $2,000 OBO. Our friend who owned a leather and saddle shop recently passed and we purchased the entire contents of the shop from his estate. We have never used the machine but seen it being used while spending time at his shop. My wife is the leather worker in the house and her bad knees precludes the use of a treadle machine. We are keeping the other modern electric machines that came with the estate. We are located in central Wisconsin so pickup at our location is preferred but I am willing to discuss other possibilities. I know this is my first post so if anyone is concerned I am a scammer, but interested, please message me. I am willing to do whatever to help alleviate those concerns. I have many more photos and higher quality photos I can send interested parties, I wasn’t able to post them here due to the data limit. If there are specific photos of certain parts of the machine you would like, message me, I am more than willing to take more and send them.
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