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  1. I haven't completely taken it apart yet since some of the screws were pretty 'set' into place and I don't want to strip them. I did a first cleaning and added oil to everything to let parts soak. I haven't had time to take it apart since. Here is a pic of what it looked like before the initial cleaning.
  2. Thank you both for the info!! I will try them out later today. We figured out it must be rare since we couldn't find any manual on this one; just have the manual on the 71-73. Some things are the same and some are not. That's why I'm having a difficult time fixing it. I'm having to guess at some of it. The shuttle hook and carrier I believe are both original. They are both stamped SIMANCO USA and a part number. The shuttle carrier is a little wobbly even though the screw is all the way in. I might need to rig it to tighten it more.
  3. I have an old Singer 29K57 patching machine. It was in a barn for over 2 decades and I have been fixing it up to use. I replaced several parts, cleaned and oiled it all up and got everything running smoothly, with one exception... the bobbin keeps jamming. I have been a professional sewer for many years (although new to this kind of machine). I've switched needles (different sizes, etc.), switched threads (including different weights), purchased new (used) shuttle carriers and tension springs and new shuttle bodies. The timing is right. The shuttle is picking up the thread with every loop. For some reason, however, the thread slips under the shuttle carrier and gets jammed (see image). I watch it very slowly and still can't figure out why it's doing it. The first loop through, up to about 2-3 stitches, seems to go smoothly but then it jams again. Any thoughts? I almost threw the whole thing out the door today!
  4. made and beaded by QueenBee1755

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    Deer Hide Pouch

    deer hide brain tanned by QueenBee1755, purse made and beaded by QueenBee1755

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  6. made by QueenBee1755

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  7. custom designed and made QueenBee1755

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  8. custom designed and made by QueenBee1755

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