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  1. Hello I have been thinking for a while what post machine to get and even thought about getting a Chinese clone from alibaba. But I'm to worrisome for that and now I think I am willing to spend 3k for a machine (a little more maybe). I mainly want to sew work boots in the vicinity of 7-8 oz leather and would like to make bison boots which are 8-9 oz. Roughly since I will be sewing two layers of leather I want something that can sew 16 or 18 oz leather. To my understanding the techsew 830 meets my needs, but I don't know if I should get a cylinder arm sewing machine instead because I am also interested in making wallets and other small things. I do not know if my interest in wallets is hungry enough, but the idea of being able to do other things with a cylinder also calls my attention. Then again I have heard that a post bed sewing machine with a roller foot is really nice to sew shoes, but I have never really heard whether or not a shoe can be made in a cylinder arm with a walking foot. Will it be too difficult? I seek advice on what you would do in my case. I have even been thinking of the cowboy cb4500 because of the ability to use the specialized foot to sew uppers to outsoles, but don't know if the machine will be too much machine to make shoes. Thank you for any opinions!
  2. Looking a leather sewing machine able to handle 3/8 oz of leather located in California San Diego.
  3. Hello, sorry this has probably been asked a million times, but I couldn’t find many resources. I have been interested in starting to build my own leather boots for myself purely as a hobby. I want to sew occasionally two pieces of 6 oz veg tanned leather (12 oz) and every now and then a maximum of two pieces if 9 oz (18 oz) of leather. I want to do all this with a 92 thread. I have a budget of around 700 which I will probably get the most bang for my buck by getting a used sewing machine. Could I get some recommendations to research around my area (California)? Thank you for any advice. I am a complete beginner as you can probably tell. From what I read machines like the consew 206rb are the leather machines that get most recommended for my price range (I think) but from I have heard they are hard to do maintenance and take care of them. I know most if not all machines are like this. I was wondering do you take a course on learning to repair the machine, or do you just learn from multiple years of using different machines, or do you only use the manual? Thank you for any information.
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