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  1. That is the problem, I could find some on web but cost of it was huge (+- 150euro.. for one part).. That is the reason I've decided to machine it (cost of metal 3d printing is around 50euro for shuttle)
  2. But i don't need 3d printing help, I'm looking for someone with claes 200-2 who can give me some image for reference
  3. Thx, this is a rough design for the moment. I will add chamfers later on. For basing dimension i will use fdm but down the road i will need to switch to resin. I don't believe that FDM will handle the hook part well.
  4. I thing this is max i can do without better references ;/
  5. I've got FDM and resin printer and yes i will first make prototype. But at the end of process I'm going to send files to company for printing in metal but to do so, I need more dimension and photos to recreate them, there isn't a lot of images on web :/
  6. Hi Recently I have received from dad CLAES 200-2 in good condition, but it is missing bobbin, hook and hook drive, as a tinker I've decided to recreate them from scratch in CAD software, then CNC or 3d metal print it. There are some pictures of it on google, but it's hard to determine dimensions. Could any good soul on this forum, who has this machine, make some pictures of it and measure it for me? After testing it I will post here all files free to all
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