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Stitch on inside of belt

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I am using heavy chrome leather on a purse and for the strap. 2-3 mm chrome leather; firm.

I plan to make the strap by folding over and butt joining in the center of the length then edge stitching.

I plan to use either a baseball or butt stitch.

My concern is that either of those stitches uses a hole that is not perpendicular to the leather.  I think I risk the thread tearing the hole.

I have choices hole punch ( perpendic.,,), Chisel perp. Or angled.

Suggrstions for holes and stitch?

I could also not butt stitch and put another row of stitches.


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Here is what I did:

Folded and created a seam. Used contact cement. Put stitches all around no butt or baseball.

The bond is surprisingly strong.

I hammered after folding and got a nice edge.

Skived for the buckle fold. Two layers after folding made it a bit thick. Reinforced the skived area with a thin and strong liner.  The skived area got a little stretchy without it 

I'll save the baseball stitch for another project.

I also tested all this on a 2 foot scrap before implementation.

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Sounds interesting, have you a photo?

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