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  1. Ohh that will be a challenge, good luck
  2. HaloJones


    Nice clean colours there
  3. If the kit price is high, just buy the soles from any supplier, patterns are available FOC & use what you have to hand I think the soles were about £10 for me from Etsy the kit makes it easy for those not used to thinking about shoe builds, but a few YouTube videos will show you the how
  4. Soles of many colours are available on Amazon/ Etsy
  5. I did, I put an orthopaedic sole and heel padding in for comfort
  6. It’s a good kit, I used it to make some sandals Tandy are just reselling, also available from: https://www.sneakerkit.eu/
  7. For a good metallic finish watch this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7il-XnJx2nE
  8. I like it, I agree you don’t need antique
  9. So I got the pattern and had a go, I need to practice my dying techniques, but a fun project & pleased with the results
  10. I have cut leather up to 2mm thick on my Cricut maker, but as I tend to do one off projects the time for getting the design right feels too much. the one time I used the maker to cut was when making a spiral bound notebook that had 2 layers of leather on the front & back binding page and I wanted the binding holes to be lined up correctly: worked a dream for that.
  11. Now that is smooth & really suits the car, where did you get the custom stamps from?
  12. Nice, difficult to see, is that tooled & painted or just painted on leather? what paint did you use?
  13. So being generally nosey & that there are some interesting people on here I know that many on here have managed to make leather their day job, and for others it’s a hobby. so my question is, if it’s your day job what hobby do you do to chill? And if it’s your hobby what day job do you do? As for me it’s a hobby, my day job is Quantity Surveyor (contract & commercial management of construction projects) I must say that understanding construction drawings and how things go together do help with making patterns and putting things together! You?
  14. I don’t have a formula but you could use. Packing boxes / corrugated card for a comparable thickness?
  15. So far in AF I have only worked out how to subtract a single item form another, groups (as in a line of circles) can be done I believe just not sure how, but in AF the function is called subtract, this may help in your search
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