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  1. I think some of it is down to local rules on chemicals, process, working with hazardous processing and environmental legislation.
  2. HaloJones

    Fly swatter

    Fredk maybe you just concussed it?
  3. Cricut maker with the knife blade will cut that thickness,
  4. Greetings, that’s so spooky: I purchased your hybrid bag pattern 2 weeks ago, currently creating it in a veg tan & suede combination (black & grey) Pattern has been good to follow so far
  5. Well I would say that you have nailed the wood effect! and the owl is recognisable so good effort
  6. Ohh that will be a challenge, good luck
  7. HaloJones


    Nice clean colours there
  8. If the kit price is high, just buy the soles from any supplier, patterns are available FOC & use what you have to hand I think the soles were about £10 for me from Etsy the kit makes it easy for those not used to thinking about shoe builds, but a few YouTube videos will show you the how
  9. Soles of many colours are available on Amazon/ Etsy
  10. I did, I put an orthopaedic sole and heel padding in for comfort
  11. It’s a good kit, I used it to make some sandals Tandy are just reselling, also available from: https://www.sneakerkit.eu/
  12. For a good metallic finish watch this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7il-XnJx2nE
  13. I like it, I agree you don’t need antique
  14. So I got the pattern and had a go, I need to practice my dying techniques, but a fun project & pleased with the results
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