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  1. That is impressive for 5hrs! nice colouration
  2. Nice gift there BTW: ihe pattern can be got from Leather Hub
  3. Amazing watch straps, can I ask do you use anything to prevent stretching? If so what?
  4. Jt bachelors in London would be my go to, however they don’t have a website with stock listings so you would need to go in person, from my last visit I recall dyed veg tan in green, black and red, May have been other colours All in various thickness and they have a splitter on site
  5. Good first project, and if you are anything like me: every project seems to demand a blood sacrifice!
  6. Depending if you are near London, check out JT Batchelor for leather supplies, they don’t list on a website but if you can get there In person it is a true Aladdin’s cave of leather, you will find pretty much everything colour option going and at reasonable prices I tend to go there via train select every thing I want & they will ship it home for me at a bargain cost of £13.50! As I always seem to buy more than I can carry
  7. Thanks Not the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater? Thanks That's 30 years of gaming collected in to one place
  8. So I got the pattern from Leather Hub (see patterns forum) and had a go, I am really pleased with the result it’s a mix of leather, all veg tan going from 1mm for the eyes, 2mm for the decorative straps, 3mm for the feet & horns up to 4mm for the box shape, this was done more to use what I had than any other reason. a mix of fiebings, tandy & angelus dye & paint, lined with a faux suede material that is glued in the lid but stitched in to the body. Ivan domed rivets and button stud, 1mm waxed thread from Amazon the eyes were made with cast resin with a paper printed pattern glued to the back
  9. Ohhh that just oozes malevolence! love it!
  10. After dying, add a resist to the whole area, then the antique paste edit: apologies I have just realised that tan kote is a resist- need more coffee
  11. Sounds interesting, have you a photo?
  12. The only success I have had with white vegtan is when it’s painted, but you can lose some of the details in the tooling you could line the back in a white chrome tan or deer hide ?
  13. Is that morse code on the panel between the handles?
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