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  1. Ohhh that just oozes malevolence! love it!
  2. After dying, add a resist to the whole area, then the antique paste edit: apologies I have just realised that tan kote is a resist- need more coffee
  3. Sounds interesting, have you a photo?
  4. Way to go, congratulations
  5. The only success I have had with white vegtan is when it’s painted, but you can lose some of the details in the tooling you could line the back in a white chrome tan or deer hide ?
  6. Is that morse code on the panel between the handles?
  7. So cool, I have got the pattern! that is going to be an epic level dice chest! as a question how sturdy is it? I have a lot of dice and am a little concerned about the base bowing, would it be worth putting a form of stiffner on the base?
  8. As a totally random guess: for fixing the spurs to?
  9. I really like them, not sure they would be big enough for my dice collection, been gaming for 30+ years & have amassed a fair number
  10. As long as it suits your working ways should be fine. I am in a similar position, the space I have is 3x4m I plan on a long workbench along one length with storage behind me, under the bench will be a tool box on wheels to pull out as I need, and some form of leather storage what I am still trying to nail is the height of the bench, what did you opt for?
  11. HaloJones

    Glasses case

    Very nice, what type of fastener is that?
  12. In which case I would call JT Batchelor in London, the don’t have a web site as such but they are really helpful chaps, a massive range in all prices i saw some nice brown veg tan when I was last there in lots of weights tel 02072542962
  13. What part of the UK are you in / happy to travel to?
  14. If it’s only a small area can you hand stitch using the existing holes?
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