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  1. HaloJones

    At it again

    Those butterfly coasters are very nice!
  2. I think it will come down to how much space you have, in an ideal world I would like to store flat in stacks on a large table, currently they are rolled on top of a bookshelf
  3. Under my granite slab I have a 6mm rubber mat, that deadens some sounds
  4. I have brought a few of his patterns & they are great, but as I am not on FB!
  5. I think you are talking football, in which case wise words would be “in this game anything can happen” always dream !
  6. Friends & family, with them anything else can be managed x
  7. I have cut 1mm leather in the cricut maker, the machine is capable but you have to work within the restrictions of the software (design space) either use design space and build up your patterns using the shapes or if you have any other software Inkspace is free and a good example, you can draw in that & export to design space all digital cutting will require some learning on the software the below was fully cut out on the maker (copper engraving also done on maker) leather was 1.2mm veg tan lining up the holes for spiral binding was the tricky bit
  8. Yes a resin printer would do that easy & get the details, more so than a filament printer. have you a local maker space in your area? I am the wrong side of the pond to help
  9. As as non-American I won’t comment on either side, I only hope the apparent divides and hate (on both sides) can be reconciled and wish you all a peaceful and happy life
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