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  1. HaloJones

    Rally Navigator's Work Board

    Love it & I am sure they will too!
  2. HaloJones

    Hotdog collar

    Very smart
  3. HaloJones

    Die rack

    A good solution
  4. HaloJones

    Who in the US uses kangaroo

    Well in the UK the national emblems are lions, unicorns & Dragons.... so we must of eaten them all
  5. HaloJones

    Paddy Rock Trucker

    I see why you like the colour, and the wallet is great too
  6. I just love the image of a fireman skipping down to the store for some shopping with this basket... Is is that just me? great basket BTW
  7. Unusual shape, why the cut corners?
  8. That’s amazing, so what was the recipients response? did you get that warm fuzzy satisfaction of giving a unique item that is truly appreciated?
  9. Ohh that’s come out very nice
  10. HaloJones

    70’s purse

    Very retro
  11. Well this arrived in the post & if that's your first ever attempt at carving @Smartee then I'm impressed The coaster is now on my work desk where it has already had many compliments - so hats off & thanks x
  12. HaloJones

    how do you hold your mallet?

    Me loony? hmmm, yeah ok then, but you know sanity is overrated!
  13. HaloJones

    Storage of Tooling Stamps, Ideas?

    There are many tool racks on the market, I would say you are being hopeful with only leaving 4 spaces for future purchases, tool addition is real..
  14. HaloJones

    how do you hold your mallet?

    I can’t help but feel a more important question would be “have you named your hammer?” yes I have, it’s called Henry the hitty stick