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  1. If that’s your journey so far, imagine what the end will be! amazing work
  2. It’s personal choice, but I would not line the flap.
  3. I like it, it’s whimsical
  4. HaloJones

    Coaster set

    Very neat painting in the letters
  5. I only got it last month, but it uses standard razor type blades, the kind that are sharp on both sides. So you get two edges per blade, I got a box of spares I think they we £3 for 10,
  6. For such small items have you considered a manual machine like a Scharffix Leather Skiving Paring Machine (German Made) ? I have one and it’s perfect for straps and the like, you can get cheaper copy versions but I liked the solid build of the original
  7. Possibly more of a “hair cut” than carved?
  8. That is impressive, I have the Prusa SL1, my only attempt at a thing for the leather hobby, on it so far is for a logo / name plate - which snapped as I took it off of the build plate - my fault for laying it flat for a quicker print, but i was able to repair & use it. And yes the water based resins are so much better to work with
  9. Love it, great use of a base product did you glue the leather on, or just sew it to fit?
  10. That is epic, but has left me in a quandary as which do I do first the coffin or the face hugger egg? !
  11. HaloJones

    At it again

    Those butterfly coasters are very nice!
  12. I think it will come down to how much space you have, in an ideal world I would like to store flat in stacks on a large table, currently they are rolled on top of a bookshelf
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