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  1. Welcome to the addiction, if you have not already been, go and have a browse at JT Batchelor (N1)
  2. Hello & welcome your English is fine, (much better than my French)
  3. Now that is nice, a lovely bit of leather & very clean execution
  4. Any idea what the margin is? Revenue is pointless if the is no profit.
  5. I could be interested too, looking for one with a small blade for filigree stuff
  6. Amazing feel of depth & detail
  7. Looking good, what size is it?
  8. Maybe the original post got lost during the server migration?
  9. Just to say thanks for all you & others do to keep this site running
  10. Have you tried a white undercoat?
  11. Have you tried a white undercoat?
  12. To my mind, with a light dye the edge will always be darker as the edge is soaking up the dye on 2 faces (front & side) but the middle is only getting dye on the front? you could try on your dry piece to apply a coat to the centre only?
  13. Thanks, forgot to get some & now it’s with it’s new owner!
  14. So I got the pattern from Mariuspirvu (Link) I tweaked the centre strap to fit the carving, but a nice easy pattern to follow. Its 1-2mm Italian calf lined with a similar thickness lining leather. Hand sewn using a 1mm thread off of Amazon, i do think my stitching is improving Comments & critiques welcome.
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