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Barely Used Cobra Class 20 for Sale - Detroit Area

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Hi folks! My husband and I have been long time Juki users and wanted to venture out into Cobra land when we were needing a 2nd machine. We bit the bullet and got a Cobra Class 20 because everyone just raves about them! But apparently we are set in our ways, and the Juki fits our production style better. (lots of thread changes, easy to swap out bobbin cases, my husband and I just like the work flow better.) 

So now we have this barely used, Cobra Class 20 in our studio sitting unused. We've had it for less than a month, and have only used it a handful of times. (4? 5?) We realized we weren't going to love it after the first few tries, and immediately sourced a Juki instead. 

It's in excellent shape. Almost new, and the dust hasn't even settled yet. No lint or fuzz or built up. It comes with everything it arrived with, thread tree, extra bobbins, tool set, drawer, LED light. We're eating the freight costs, but we'd like to get $2200 for it. Paid close to $2700 with freight. 

We're about 45 min north of Detroit, up by Milford. Non smoking and pet free studio. 

We'd really love to see it go to a good place and get the use it deserves! 

We changed out the presser foot, which is what's shown in the pics, but it will come with the original. 

From the manufacturer's listing - The Cobra Class 20 Heavy Duty flatbed industrial stitcher is one of the most versatile machines on the market today! The Class 20 has a triple feed mechanism similar to the Class 4 allowing you to sew up to a full 1/2 inch of veg leather and handles thread sizes from 46 up to 207. Perfect for sewing chaps, bags and wallets. Servo motor and speed reducer for extra torque. Includes 28 LED work light, needles, thread, thread stand, extra bobbins and tool kit.

I also posted on FB marketplace, for transparency. Forgive me if I left anything out. I haven't been on forums in quite some time :)

Thanks for looking! 











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