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How To I Properly Apply Finish To My Leather Projects?

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On 2/6/2017 at 3:44 AM, wlg190861 said:

Olive oil will go rancid, will do more harm than good in the long run.

I have used olive oil for a few years now and not one item has gone rancid.

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I'm going to answer this as a rifleman rather than a leatherworker. As far as I'm concerned, rifle slings come in two kinds, firstly so you can cop out, carrying it from a shoulder, rather than with the proper care and attention it's owed as your lifesaving best buddy, and secondly as a very rigid extension to your skeleton improving your aim 100%.

I know it gets heavy after five miles, it's you who's weak, going an extra mile each time means by the time you're doing 25 miles with it you're up to the job. It's that kind of sling which is softened with oil.

The other kind, which falls perfectly to wrap my left forearm in a triangle from muzzle-forearm-butt, isn't going to flex or stretch, which means oil isn't really welcome.th?id=OIP.TYSzo3O0JEZORBrD8RktUQHaEo%26p

In this image, you can see the blue sling passing under his hand, over his elbow, behind his upper arm to the butt. I'd think more along the lines of water-stiffened.

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