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Using Vinegaroon On Previously Dyed Leather

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My first batch of vinegaroon is finally ready and I had some quick questions.

I have a saddle that I'm planning on using it on (I have seen it used on some old western saddles that were starting to look a little ragged). The leather on this saddle is vegetable tanned leather and well conditioned/oiled, and was originally dyed deep havana brown.

My questions are:

1) Will it be possible to use the vinegaroon solution on previously dyed leather?

2) Is there any prep work (other than a tannin/black tea bath) that I will need to do to ensure that I get the best results possible (alcohol, deglazer ...etc)?

Thank you!

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If you are going to try it I would reccomend using a deglazer on the leather first to remove finishes etc before trying the vinegaroon. Then I would try the vinegaroon on a small piece that is normaly out of site to see how it takes. Remeber vinegaroon is not a dye it causes a chemical reaction with the tannins in the leather that causes the blackening of the leather. You may not get a true looking black because of the dye that is already there. Again I would try it on the saddle someplace out of site before attempting the whole saddle. Vinegaroon usually works best on leather that is fresh not full of oils. Be ready to oil the leather after vinegaroon.

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