Help Needed: Pfaff 335 How To Spot A Counterfeit/used Machine

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Hi all,

Need your help again please. I am very new to sewing machine, I found this Pfaff 335 online:

I contacted the seller and was told that the machine is brand new. I am wondering if you can advise me what subclass this is, and tip on how to check if the machines are genuinely made not a counterfeit or used. How could I check that?

Also where can I find technical info on this machine? I downloaded a leaflet but it doesn't say much sadly.

I told the seller that I am planning to sew 3/8" max (veg tan leather + fabric) he doesn't seem to think it will take that thickness?

Many thanks!


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You can find the Informationes you need on

Which subclass it is will Standing on a label on the backside of the machine.

If it´s an original, you normaly will find written " PFAFF", and a number (sparepart number) on most single part of the machine.

If you need more Information you can send me a private mail, so I can attache you some PDF files




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Thank you Dieter. I will try to see if I can get this from the seller

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