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Pfaff 3334 Bartacker

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Does anyone here happen to be an expert in 3334 bartackers? I have one I'm trying to setup and I'm having a bunch of stitching issues. The machine itself is in excellent condition, so I'm guessing its something to do with timing or part wear in the tension etc.

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Hi Bai

I recently rescued one of these put out on the street. I had a few issues but seem to have solved them in the main. I'm still working out what it can and can't deal with.

I did need to change to a thinner thread than what's on my pfaff 545 and consew 226 to get a clean tack, and it is happy only to a certain thickness of material. I went to an M30 thread (thats the metric - I think its a #69 thread american) with a 110 (imperial 18) needle to sew a thick webbing to a D1000 codura glued to sheepskin. It stitches this ok with the cordura side up, wool side down. If I add a second layer of webbing I get a mess and tangle on the bottom.

Im still experimenting, and have bought thinner thread (M40 - is this getting close to a #46?) Im still finding the different size systems confusing....

Essentially Im finding you need to match the thread size (and needle) to the work.

Hope this helps.

rgds Ken

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I wasn't having luck with 69 thread - I found someplace to send the machine for repair, its driving me insane not being able to figure it out. I think theres some wear and timing issues.

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