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Hello again , i try to make some watch straps.

For finishing product what do you recommend me? (don't forget....it is for watch straps, so i need some good but with natural (not plastic or glossy) touch and good smell)

Iam comfused....i saw these:

a.leather balm with atom wax ---> http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/top-finishes/?product=196
b. tan kote --> http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/top-finishes/?product=198
c. leather sheen aerosol or liquid-->http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/top-finishes/?product=202
d.water and stain protector spray--> http://www.ebay.com/itm/201444013404
e. 4 way care --> http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/conditioners-cleaners/
f. Aussie--> http://www.fiebing.com/catalogue/conditioners-cleaners/?product=114

I have already bought Resolene (very glossy) and this
but i would like to buy and another product that you recommend me.

My leathers are chrome tanned like this but i will dye it in some places with fiebing dyes as to make it to look more vintage. So i need one good finish product because don't want all these dyes to discolor on my wrist.


Thank you very much!!!

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