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For Sale: 9 Bottles Of Tandy-Fenice Leather Edge Paint

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I have 9 bottles of Tandy-Fenice leather edge paint for sale - ideally to a fellow leatherworker in Europe, as I am located in Brussels, Belgium.

The 9 colors I have are: Navy Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Neutral (clearcoat, basically), White, Black, Dark Brown, and Light Brown.

I bought these just a couple of months ago in October and November from Rickert Werkzeuge where they sell for €29.95 each. In this photo album, you'll see the paints themselves, and I am also including the two projects I completed with these paints - a phone case with orange edges and a black stingray handbag. Other than a tablespoon of the yellow and red and about 20% of the black, the rest of the paints were not used any more than on a sample piece.

I am selling them because I am moving back to the US (didn't know that when I bought them all!), and filling my suitcase with these 9 bottles of leather edge paint isn't really an option!

I'm not expecting to get back what I paid for them (which is/was ~€300), so if you're interested, just make an offer and let me know your location to calculate the shipping costs!

Thank you!

- RF

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I hope you know that the shipping charges for that will be far less than what you'll lose on the sale. At least from Germany the cost will not exceed 20€ for shipping. Don't want to say don't sell them but I would hate to see that you'll lose a lot of money, cause if you'd put them on eBay you prolly wouldn't get more than 100€ for them.

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