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Id Confirmation And A Stitching Horse

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I went antique hunting this weekend. Started in Quebec and ended up in Upstate New York.I found a few stitching horses. Ended up at a pickers garage, service station by day, back room filled with cool stuff at good prices. The first photo depicts what I thought was a very big clamp, but the owner said it was used in harness making. True or not? He was asking $150.00 for it. Not something I need, but I am curious if it for harness work. If it is of interest to anyone, let me know.

The second few photos are the stitching horse I found and purchased there.





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the wood clamp looks like a old limb makers vise for clamping a wooden prosthetic leg in to and maybe filling or rasping in to shape something to hold it in place while you worked on it . be nice to have but its not worth it to me. nice stitching horse.

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