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Help With Tote Design

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I recently got a request for a tote bag with a divider. I'm not really sure how best to accomplish this.

In the few totes that I have made, I used a one piece construction something that looks kind of like this:

I've attached images of my most recent bag.

Anyway, how best to add a divider in the middle evades me. I have several ideas but none that I really like.

My best idea so far is to make the body of the bag in two pieces. stitch the divider piece to the bottom and maybe stitch the bottom again in order to hide the divider edge. Then stitch the sides together with the divider in there. Then stitch the base. When the bag is done the edges will be outside the bag so not turned like my other totes.

Another possibility is to simply make a bag with two gussets.

Would live to hear your ideas.






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You can do it several ways, but here are my two solutions for you. Solution #1: is to add a piece of leather doubled up with a stiffener glued to the center. It would be sewn to the edges of your seams. Solution #2: is much like one except you place the divider to one side of the bag and is sewn to the seams. This would dedicate the divider to one side of the bag and not in the center.

Google bag dividers for other options. Good luck


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