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Visiting Montana for the first time!

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Good morning folks. Been on this site for a couple years now. I can't thank you all enough for your support. Such a wealth of knowledge here.

I've been at leather work for a few years. These first couple have been a steep learning curve for sure. I attempted my first saddle last winter. Learned about a dozen things I'll never do again. Planning on tearing the whole thing down and starting again this winter. I hand stitched the whole thing last winter. Purchased a machine his spring; The day after I threw my last stitch on monster-saddle. Best move ever. Since then my leather work has improved in quality quite a bit. I can finally spend time working leather as opposed to throwing hundreds of stitches at a painstakingly slow pace.

We'll be visiting Montana for the first time next week. I am looking for recommendations on a place to stop in for a quality hat. I'm also checking in with this group to see if anyone is around the Bozeman area... And would be willing to collect a small fee for spending some time with a young, motivated, self taught, leather worker. Very interested in learning from anyone willing to share a bit of the trade with the next generation. My main focus is tack, but I also build holsters and gun belts.

If anyone is available between August 4th and 10th, please let me know! Also, if you know of a good hat shop I can stop in to around the area, pass the word along!

May your stitching awl steer clear of your digits.

All the best!


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Have a great trip. My parents are in Montana right now. They go every summer.

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