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Rex 11-155R Stitch Length adjustment quit working!!!

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I have a Rex 11-155R and it has been working fairly well.  Will sew thru 8 layers of vinyl with no issues.  Last time I used it all was well.  Sat down today and it will ONLY stitch about a 9mm stitch or actually a bit larger.  Stitch adjustmen knob seems to function as usual but stitch length stays the same no matter what.  I took it apart and removed all hatches etc to be able to see inside and for the life of me can't see how it ever worked.  Unless something has fallen off or broken,  (I find NO evidence of either) then I can't see how to fix it.  

Anyone with knowledge of this issue please HELP!!! I know it shouldnt be that big a deal  I've done a LOT of work on her, replaced hook set timing adjusted feed dogs, needle bar timing etc and am very familiar with how most things work but this has be bumfuzzled!!!!


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Send us a few pics so we can the machine. That may help in identifying why it will not work.  A video would also help.


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