Holster Makers & Safety/Legal Disclaimers

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For all of you who retail your holsters, do any of you have a Firearms Safety Compliance Statement? (Here is DeSantis' http://www.desantisholster.com/safety-compliance

Yes, I should (am) consulting legal counsel, and am not asking for legal advice on this board.

I'm more curious as to why or why not you do/don't have one. I'm leary of making any sort of legal claims, but feel that it's a responsibility to promote firearm safety and responsible use of my products.

Would love to hear some thoughts. Cheers!

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Hiya Neighbor. I only make and sell a holster that I would use myself. If it don't cut it for me, I do it over.

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@CaptQuirk I agree, nothing goes out the door that doesn't meet muster for use for myself or my family, however; there are some dummies out there. I guess do you feel you need to make a statement that "if you're a dummy please educate yourself first before buying/using firearms, and particularly the accessories I make for firearms."?

Fortunately, 99.9% of my customer interactions are great. Its that small percent that I look out for. 

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50 minutes ago, MisterSmith said:

Its that small percent that I look out for. 

It's the one you're not looking for that gets you.  Always.  You spend 40 years looking both ways before you cross the street.  Then you figure 'hey, I'm used to this.. I don't need to look any more'.  That's the one that's the problem ;)

Just one reason to get OUT of making holsters.  If you look around, I think you'll find that most of the planet wants most things done for them.

Many holster makers include some variation of that same speech you linked to (I've seen a few that are nearly a copy of that).  I would dare say that the majority don't have even liability insurance, much less any other.  Somebody tell me where to get leather, what tools to use, give me instructions, but let me keep the money :o

Not just holster makers, though -- and there's the problem.

  • People buy cars, then want to sue the manufacturer when they wreck it.
  • Walmart charges $3.88 for a $1.29 item, to cover teh cost of paying someone to move signs around that say "caution: wet floor".  It should be obvious to all but the very young that a wet tiled floor is slippery -- but it's become necessary to TELL them that in a 'cover yer own butt' world.
  • Seriously, you didn't know that fresh coffee would be hot?
  • And, I personally saw two situations where people deliberately got themselves seriously injured on a construction site so they could collect disability.  
  • And I know one guy -- nice enough guy, but always wants work for cash so it doesn't alter his disability payments.  Nothing wrong with him -- he just likes getting a check for couch sitting (I tell him I'll gladly hire him for cash soon as I can get that same check).  
  • My friend investigates disability and workman's comp claims, and she says "you have no idea" what people will do to get out of working.

I could go on about that all day -- but what's the point?  Truth is, holsters are the "low end" of leather -- anybody can do it (which is why there are so many).  I stopped making holsters for a good while (years), but started again just because my buddy Robert was making them, and we had fun. Now Robert is gone, not so much fun (in fact, it's a bit like a job ;) ).

Plus, walleye season before long!  So, what to do?  I'd sell all this holster making stuff if I could.  But i won't be listing it here -- I'd prefer to sell it all in one shot and not to get a bunch of lowball offers. So, maybe just put it in the garage at the house, and don't worry about it?  Well, 'til that wench complains she can't get her car in... :whistle:

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I only sell holsters for blue guns and non firing replicas.... Hahahaha

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