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20 hours ago, fredk said:

1. No 'congress' in my country; HMRC set the import tax rate.
I was being tongue and cheek. :PWe're all just 'colonies of the UN' nowadays aren't we?

2. A recent order for $25 from the US cost me $24 in taxes = $49
A 96% tariff?! What country are you in anyways?

3. The $23 stamps from Hong Kong cost just that - no delivery or taxes added
Wild. I can only imagine the production/conditions which would precede that.
That question was directed more at the person in the USA, but that's interesting.

4. As a private user I cannot set up either a Fedex [who do not deliver in my country anyways] or UPS contract in my country - their rules
Okay. I'm sure Mark would be happy to figure out what needs to be done in that case.

5. My bank does not do 'wire' transfers
I've never heard of that before. I can't even think of a reason that a bank would not do that... They have a routing number and a fiat currency what else do they need?

6. I have to jump thru hoops to use my CC in direct sales in the US, but not in Europe or via paypal - hoops include posting to the seller a signed written order before the CC will recognise and accept it - that takes 5 to 7 days.
Seems like the least of your problems.

7. The order mentioned in #2 came into my country 2 days after ordering it, it then sat for 14 days whilst it cleared customs; meanwhile the order from Hong Kong dropped thru my door's letter box.
So that's one order from HK which arrived in 10 days? My understanding is packages from HK sometimes arrive quickly but more often than not take 25 days or even 2-3 months depending on a number of factors (including the shipping season). If you can abide the craps shoot, okay. Me, I'd rather know it arrives in 16 days than wonder if it will arrive in 25 or more.


Boy, do you have some answers.

Just trying to help. ;)You stated concerns about companies in the USA not answering your order inquiries. So I looked into it for the sake of the board. Got you the number and name of the guy to call. :rolleyes:

You have cheap organic food and fresh bread there at least, I hope??


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Last first; reply to number 7; for the last 10 years or more I can reckon on supplies coming from Hong Kong/China taking no longer than an average of 10 days. Eastern Europe takes about 3 to 4 days, but from the US, even by special delivery courier; at least 12 to 14 days [mainly due to customs] some have taken 3 months [due to the courier co sitting on it] or more on average. There is now a direct train from China to the UK. On rare occasions stuff from HK/C has not turned up, but there again its been the same for orders from US, Europe, Africa.... To me its more of a lottery of a/ when or if my order from the US will arrive b/ what amount of duty will I have to pay to get into my hands c/ how long will C&E hold it or even return it to the US

#5. Bank tells me 'wire' is old fashioned and un-safe. BACS is the modern way but US banks mostly don't accept that, only European and Far East banks do. [are we using different names for the same process, where the bank differentiates?]

#1. tongue in cheek, ok, but my country is not a 'colony' of any country; used to have lots of colonies tho, like 13 of them in that thar New World place

Lastly, bread cheap enough but not the organic food; about 100 to 300% dearer than regular grub

As I said earlier; If I lived in the US I'd buy local, but I don't so I don't





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