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Lacing (a handbag)

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I have a bag to lace together, but I'm not sure how. It has a front, a back, and a gusset. I have looked for lacing ideas but have seen none that will help me put this bag together. I have already had a go at making one, but I don't like how the edges turned out. Is it possible to do a whipstitch and have both flesh sides facing each other, or will that not be strong enough when each part starts to turn out as it all gets put together?

Heres the one I already did.



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That would work. You could whip stitch them together, you can use the lace like thread and do a running stitch too. 

I recommend you look into double loop lacing. It isn't too difficult to do and it covers the edges well if done right so there wouldn't be much need for edge finishing. There are plenty of tutorials here and on YouTube, maybe that's a good way to do it?

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