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What Hot Stamp Solder iron to choose?

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I am looking for tips on what tool to buy when it comes to making Hot stamps in leather with foil.

I have an embosser already that i can heat stamp with, but i use it mostly for cold pressing in just damp leather, so no heat used. Mainly since it´s about 100 + years old and weighs in at around 90 KG´s.

I want to get a more portable solution, one that i can fixate letters and numbers in as i see fit, and preferably one that i can bring with me on markets and fares.


The pictures i add are representations on my wishes, but part from that i have a few needs on a list.


1: No cheap knockoff version mainly for hobby or " fun trials "

2: Adjustable temperature 

3: Reliable brand

4: Reasonable pricing

5: IMPORTANT - Fully compatible to stamp in vegetable tanned leather


So in short, no dollar store bargain, but nothing made from admantium and diamonds either. A solid brand that hold and works, and that can take a number of sizes in adjustable stamps.





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