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New Member in Grants Pass, OR Says Thanks!

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I've been reading posts on this forum for several months now and have gained so much knowledge about industrial sewing machines. I want to thank all the contributors for taking the time to share their valuable knowledge and experience to people just getting started.

I knew that sewing was in my future a few months back when I picked up 3 industrial machines about 5 months ago from Craigslist and started the journey. I didn't know much back then but bought them because I love machinery and they appeared to be a good deal. The purchase was for a Bernina 217 and two old Singer bar tackers.

I followed many threads on this forum and realized what I really wanted was a walking foot machine. I changed my mind a dozen times about what machine I would get and finally ordered a new Juki DU-1541S from Greg at Keystone Sewing based on the recommendations on this board. It is expected to be delivered this coming Friday. I can't wait. Greg was super nice and helpful. I will be doing more business with him in the future.

So after I ordered my new machine, a Consew 206rb in almost new condition was listed about 100 miles from here for $500. I couldn't pass it up. I am in the process of cleaning the 12 years of idleness off the machine and getting it ready for sewing. It is an awesome machine too.

I have to make room so I listed my Bernina in the LW Marketplace.

I plan on sewing Cordura and webbing at first, to sharpen my skills,, before I start working on leather. I am sure I will be reading more threads on here for sewing tips now that I will have some very nice machines to work with.

Here are some photos of my first machines, the Bernina and the Consew.

I am very glad to become a member of this forum. Thanks!

John Noveske Sr.



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It's funny what gets people interested in leatherwork. For some, it's playing with cool machines and tools!
Welcome aboard, and happy sewing!

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