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Hi, Just wondered if anyone would be interested in Craftool Co. Sets

8136 - 1/2" Number Set                              (250g)

8135 - 3/4" Number Set                              (450g)

8134 1/4" Alphabet & Number Set            (250g)

8130 1/2" Alphabet Set                               (500g)

8142 1/2" Wood Alphabet Set                    (500g)

8131 3/4" Alphabet Set                               (800g)

1"       Zodiac Set                                           (600g)

3/4"   Celtic Alphabet Set                            (1kg)

Not really sure on price if I'm honest, it seems to vary :/

I am in the UK, postage to the USA for example is £13 which is up to 2kg weight, that was just a quick look, might be cheaper elsewhere.

I have weighed them and the figures are pretty much spot on, so a little room for packaging will need to be considered.

I can add pictures if requested.

Anyway let me know if anyone is interested and thanks for looking



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Depending on the price you would like to receive and after viewing some pics, I might be interested in the last 2 items, the zodiac set and the 3/4" Celtic alphabet set.

Can you post pics and prices please?

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I am interested in 8135 - 3/4" Number Set     and 8131 3/4" Alphabet Set. Please add photos and prices. 

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