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This is a Complete Shoe Repair Shop Machinery for Sale. Shop is closed. Everything must be Sold ASAP Price is very good for all this equipment. 

Sutton/Landis S2000 Finisher with Trimming Section Sanding Section for Adjustable Sole and Heel Trimming, Numb Keg Disk Sander, 5 Sanding Belts Section, Buffer Burnisher Section, Blower Motor section with Dust Collect section Retails for $9000 used alone.

Landis 3 in 1 Long Arm Cutter. includes cutting Skiving, Press about $650 used

Champion 5 in 1 Long Arm Cutter, Includes cutting Skiving, Press about $900 used

Landis McKay 88 model Insole Chain Stitch machine for sewing Soles Through the shoes or Boots. Retails about $1000 used

2 Auto Soler wired Nail Driving Nail Machines, Cinderella Comet Brand. Retails about $250 each, used. 

Landis Model G Outsole Stitching  Machine also known as Curved Needle Stitcher used for Sole Sole to Welts around the Outside of Shoes and Boots with Welts. Retails Used about $1500

Landis Welt Press To Decorate the Welt with Design, Retails used about $200

Landis Champion Table Top Heel Wheel used to Drive Nails through the Heels from inside while Pressing the Heels down from the outside can also be used as a Heel Press when doing Glue Jobs. Retails used about $950

2 Meta Landis Jack Stands with Assorted Metal Men Women Child Lasts. Used for Setting Hammering Nailing Heel and Sole Jobs while Standing and working on Shoes and Boots.Retails Used about $200 each. 

2 Large Work Benches and some Misc. Stuff. $100  each

1 Big Open Close Sign.  paid $200 new


You will spend $10K or more on used equipment if you are planing on opening a Leather Repair Shop. 

Purchase Complete and Take it all while its here for $5700 Shop is closed Serious Buyers only please and you must move or arrange for Shipping. large.IMG_20180610_123047889.jpg.876112b40f17a7d020b89ea873498554.jpglarge.IMG_20180610_123022491.jpg.85897177a08ccca6fe3205a8e8faded5.jpglarge.IMG_20180610_121752703.jpg.6cc2b5582a6fafd5929aed5f05807c5f.jpglarge.IMG_20180610_120732623.jpg.d7dccbc3c2b2ac4f9c9e8b281ace7255.jpglarge.DSCN0026.JPG.078da3732db8008bcbbd368d0eeaaf41.JPGlarge.DSCN0020.JPG.7c490693b768b5661324d5b6babb5bbd.JPGlarge.DSCN0019.JPG.30825a19d8f0c094317f3dfef67b87ea.JPGlarge.DSCN0018.JPG.4bdde0aa585bdc1e34a368abddbd0acd.JPGlarge.DSCN0015.JPG.aa9fa764c648e85c3262583754064ca6.JPGlarge.DSCN0013.JPG.3f84edf4aa7a5471f49dfd29c00498d9.JPGlarge.DSCN0012.JPG.ac6cb6c6ad834b43916f5bb452690ede.JPGlarge.DSCN0011.JPG.2c218f7e341b6df8c634d5b64516c136.JPGlarge.DSCN0010.JPG.175fa82dfba3c46b6bd83a37cdbe67fa.JPGlarge.DSCN0009.JPG.1702195f3152da415ab5b77eedd5370a.JPGlarge.DSCN0008.JPG.ddbea737710c8e4d592099a9e6c1b904.JPGlarge.DSCN0006.JPG.7f716ffe3066c7ee2df17a1277dcbe16.JPGlarge.DSCN0005.JPG.5e608ef3d86f4577f192b7189a491372.JPGlarge.DSCN0003.JPG.4767b1c2f0f61a31646b8b9624f943a0.JPGlarge.DSCN0002.JPG.fd85798771c763dda1ef7d8d343c294c.JPGlarge.DSCN0001.JPG.9d93c09858e42d106cefb51c2170d6f5.JPG



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Price Drop $700.00 Take it all for $5000.00 shoeman 6-22-2018

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Yes the Back entrance you can come in with a Truck and the Door is there for easy load 

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