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Machine sewing bag pockets and other small attachments

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Hey folks,

Im trying to sew a front pocket into a tote with my machine and I am wondering how other people temporarily attach their pockets to keep them from moving around during stitching? Same for little badges with the logo? Do you glue the pockets on first? Do you tack it somehow? Tape it in place before stitching? Are there any good videos about this?

I get the feeling it something pretty obvious  and I’m just not smart enough to see the simplest explanation.


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Rubber cement. You can use Elmer's rubber cement or order professional rubber cement from tandy or some other finders. It rubs off with your finger if the is some kind of finish on the leather. Just place it on the edges of the pocket. place it on when still wet and let dry and press. Use a little more than a light coat.

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